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Bear Medicine Warrior Woman Pendant. $325. SOLD.

Bear Medicine Warrior Woman Pendant Front Resized

Like the first Warrior Woman, made for Wings’s mother in recognition of her great courage and strength, this one honors women’s power, with one small difference — this one is a pendant, rather than a pin. She bears symbols of healing and harmony: matched thunderhead symbols on her traditional dress, joined together to point toward the Four Sacred Directions; the serpent over her shoulder in the shape of a long silver braid; the Skystone, a protective object, in her right hand; and the tracks of a bear, a traditional medicine symbol, upon the crescent moon captured in her left. Central is her great heart, overlaid on the pendant itself; a hand-stamped stylized heart accents the back of the bail. Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver; Sleeping Beauty turquoise
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Bear Medicine Warrior Woman Pendant Back Resized






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