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At Year’s End, A World In Harmony

Earth Flowering In the Light Cuff Bracelet Top View

On this, the last day of the calendar year, our greatest hope and prayer is for an Earth restored to health and harmony.

It’s a tall order. This far past too many tipping points to count, repairing humanity’s damage to our collective mother requires not merely individual acts, but wholesale policy prescriptions and enforcement at every level, world-wide.

We all know that that won’t happen.

It especially won’t happen in this country, certainly not now, despite its status as one of the greatest causes and worst offenders.

That leaves us, each individual, to do what we can.

As I said, it’s a tall order.

Wings and I have made many adjustments in our own lives to try to preserve what still is, to rehabilitate what is damaged, and perhaps even to reclaim a bit of what is lost, that which is not wholly irrecoverable already. We adhere, in many respects, to the old ways. And while we certainly own and use our share of modern conveniences, our carbon footprint (and our level of ecological waste) is relatively small.

It takes work.

But our ways are ways that were always about stewardship, always about protecting, always about living in harmony with the spirits with whom we share our world. Our ways do not place humanity at the center of all things; rather, we are only one element of a complex and interrelated, interdependent system that we call the world, the cosmos, even the universe. Declining to privilege our own existence above those of other beings, refusing to privilege our convenience above our joint responsibilities, has always been a prescription for greater balance than one that puts colonial, capital, and commercial interests first.

And so while Wings’s art works, in part, in the service of commerce (a necessity in today’s world, where the old ways have long since been trumped across the board), he has always placed the Earth and its fellow spirits at the center of it.

Today’s featured piece is a perfect example of this dynamic at work, one that embodies Mother Earth herself, and the best of intentions and acts on her behalf. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Earth Flowering In the Light Cuff Bracelet Side View

Earth, Flowering In the Light Cuff Bracelet

A healthy Earth, flowering in the light, creates a world in harmony for us all. Wings honors both spirit and goal with this cuff bracelet, sterling silver in full flower. The band is scored freehand into seven separate spaces, a sacred number that in some traditions is the number of the directions, the clans, and the spirits. The inner spaces are boldly oxidized, then lightly polished and left smooth, with wing-like ajouré excisions flowing gracefully down either side. The two outer spaces remain whole, and are hand-texturized by hundreds of strikes of a tiny jeweler’s hammer, dotted earth embracing air and water. At the center of the band, an extraordinarily low-profile tube is soldered into place to elevate the setting slightly above the band’s surface. The setting itself is formed from a traditional concha wrought in Wings’s signature style, a blossom pattern cut freehand with scalloped edgegs that turn hand-scored rays of light into the petals of a flower. At the end of each “ray,” fitted into each scalloped edge, rests a hand-stamped sunrise symbol, each edge connecting it to the next by a single hand-stamped hoop. The concha is domed slightly, repoussé-fashion, then set at the center with a simple, elegant low-profile bezel holding a beautifully banded malachite cabochon in shades of earthy, fertile emerald green. The band is 5″ long and 1″ across; ajouré designs at either end are 1.5″ long and begin 3/4″ across at the widest point, narrowing to 1/8″ at the end; concha setting is 1.75″ across; cabochon is 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Top view shown above. [Note: This cuff is designed for a narrow wrist.]

Sterling silver; malachite
$1,025 + shipping, handling, and insurance

It’s a beautiful piece, entirely apart from any symbolism with which it’s imbued: beautifully proportioned, all graceful lines and an elegant flow to the design. The cabochon is spectacular, too — velvety emerald green of seemingly not-quite-hidden depths, banded at one side in cascades of seafoam, rivers of pale waters flowing across a domed earth.

But the symbolism makes the work something more. Completed, as it was, on this last day of the calendar, it seems like an expression of hope, a token of faith, and most of all, a prayer for Mother Earth: a prayer for, at year’s end, a world in harmony.

~ Aji









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