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At the Edge of the Green

At long last, the snow has ceased; the clouds are gone, save for a few wispy bands well behind the peaks. The mountains are once again capped with snow, but nearly everything here at their feet has melted already.

In this place, these last few days of formal winter are much like those at the edge of autumn: crisp, clear, unusual warmth alternating with bitter cold. And, like those days on the threshold of fall, the earth itself hovers at the edge of the green.

The ground is still partly bare, plenty of mud visible and dried earth beginning to emerge from the late-winter muck. What’s both beautiful and comforting, though, is that in the exposed places where there is actual ground cover, it’s no longer that dull golden brown — as of yesterday, the green overtook the wan wintry yellow, and it can now properly be called grass.

Today’s featured work embodies this assertion of primacy, of green life dominant. They were created in the fall, a tribute to those Indian summer days when autumn has not yet found purchase, but they work just as well for spring’s threshold, too. From their description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Edge of Autumn Earrings

Like our aspens in October, these earrings dance at the edge of autumn. Wings summons them into being in shape and shade alike, a pair of lightly free-form teardrop turquoise cabochons in a soft and gentle green, each with bits of autumnal amber and gold matrix encroaching at the edges, just enough to make the leaves curl and chatter in the the fall winds. Each stone is set into a scalloped bezel, creating a secondary “leafing” effect, and trimmed with twisted silver. Each hangs suspended from sterling silver wires by way of a hand-wrought “jump ring” incorporated into the bezel back itself. Earrings hang 1″ long (excluding wires) by 15/16″ across at the widest point; visible area of cabochons is 13/16″ long by 11/16″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; natural American green turquoise (likely from Colorado)
$525 + shipping, handling, and insurance

In the turquoise world, the green shade found in these earrings is known as “seafoam,” although these are not “seafoam turquoise” per se; that formal label requires a different matrix pattern, one in shades of green and white that manifests in loops and whorls, orbs and lines that hint at the look and texture of foam-crested waves. But the color itself will be familiar to anyone who has ever owned Crayola’s big 64-crayon box — a soft, gentle, muted shade, much like the fading greens of autumn . . . and the new-born greens of spring.

For today, spring is already here, despite the icy edge on the wind: blue skies, golden sun, an earth at the edge of the green. The promise of warmth and abundance is here; its fulfillment is just around the corner.

~ Aji








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