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“Ancient Worlds” Collector’s Spoon. $375. SOLD.

Ancient Worlds Collectors Spoon Front

In our cultures, this world is not the only one: There is the world of dreams, of course, mediated by the spirits, but there are also the worlds of past and future, linking us with the ancestors and our grandchildren’s grandchildren by way of the unbroken line of life’s sacred hoop. Wings has created an homage to that conception of the world with this sterling silver collector’s spoon. The handle flares slightly at the end, its convexity edged in sunrise symbols. Beneath Father Sun’s glow, a world forms, then traces its orbit down the shaft in a chased pattern of dual concentric hoops. Etched into the bowl, created entirely freehand and free-form via a diverse array of individual stamps, is a trilobite, an ancient fossil whose spirit occasionally shows itself to us in stones, linking us present with a world far more ancient. The reverse is bare of all adornment save a pair of matched stars at the tip of the handle. The spoon bears a gentle Florentine finish, and is 4.25 inches long by 7/8 of an inch across at the bowl’s widest point (dimensions approximate). Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Ancient Worlds Collectors Spoon Reverse








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