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An Illuminated Earth

The mercury passed ninety yesterday for the first time this year. It was also the first day in which we needed no fire in the woodstove, neither in the morning nor at night.

The Solstice is still just over two weeks off, but summer is here.

Despite the drought, the wild flora here are mostly thriving. Some of the trees took longer to leaf than usual; there are an unusual number of brown patches scattered throughout grass and fields. But our small world here is still green, and the wildflowers have begun to light up the surface of the land.

On this day of bright golden sun and summery green earth, today’s featured work — one of Wings’s newest, completed only days ago — is especially apt. From its description in the Accessories Gallery here on the site:

Summer Wildflowers Barrette

Summer wildflowers rise from green-tipped stalks to blossom and dance in the light. Wings summons these spirits of warmer winds in this barrette, hand-milled in a random profusion of silvery petals across a gently arcing rectangle of medium-gauge sterling silver. In the center of the barrette, a single round citrine rests in a saw-toothed bezel, a small wild sunflower amid the larger blossoms. The “stalk” is formed of an elegant silver pick made of sterling silver half-round wire, hand-stamped in a repeating pattern of directional arrows alternating with tiny sacred hoops down its length. At one end, the pick is anchored by an elegant oval peridot cabochon, beautifully translucent in the color of summer greenery, set securely into a saw-toothed bezel. The barrette is 3-5/16″ long by 1-3/4″ high; the citrine cabochon is 1/4″ across; the pick is 3-7/8″ long by 3/16″ across (save at the bezel); the peridot cabochon is 3/8″ long by 1/4″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Another view shown at top.

Sterling silver; citrine; peridot
$775 + shipping, handling, and insurance

I have written in the past of flowers — in particular, wildflowers — as earthlights, small brilliant bulbs of colored light as powerful in their way as any animated by electricity or neon. In this season, the wildflowers give us the gift of an illuminated earth: life renewed, adance in a rainbow of color and light.

Sometimes, we’re given the gift of wearing them year-round.

~ Aji









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