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An Earth Warmed and Glowing In the Light

There is a dissonance today, a disjunction between the clock on the wall and the light in the sky.

I am known for my contempt for so-called Daylight Savings Time. It saves no time for me; I am usually up before dawn anyway, and working well past dark even in the longest days of summer. Part of it is a basic resentment at the “loss” of an hour, since, no matter how much we have been able to turn our small world here into our sanctuary, we still must walk in the outside world as well. More of it is disgust with basic human artifice, impotence, controlling authoritarianism, arrogance.

Because, really, what else but arrogance could you call this colonial pretension to control time itself?

We live traditionally, at least as far as is possible these days, and such a life does not include the futility — the vanity — of trying to bend the cosmos to our will. There is a reason that we call the elemental powers . . . well, elemental. Earth, air, fire water — their children the wind and the light: these are the constituent forces of our world, spirits of cosmic sweep and timeless being. Wisdom exists not in childish attempts to own and control, to exercise authority, but in learning their rhythms, the beat of drum and heart, songs of honor and harmony.

And now, in this most difficult of seasons, our task is not to control the light, but to learn the patterns of its warmth, its harmony with the rain; not to “lengthen” days or “save” time, but to work with air and water and fire in stewardship of the earth. Next week’s forecast notwithstanding, winter is on the wane; an early spring is at work, presenting us already with an earth warmed and glowing in the light.

Today’s featured work embodies all the fire of sunrise and sunset, crimson flames that warm the earth and give it its characteristic coppery glow. From their description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

Firelight Earrings

The spirits have granted us the gift of firelight, a glow to illuminate our surroundings even as it warms body and soul alike. The fourth in this, Wings’s signature series of earrings that honor the light, honors the blessings of the fourth element, fire, in traditional form around a less common jeweled spirit. Each drop is a perfectly circle domed from beneath, repoussé-fashion, t0 create a softly rounded concha. Across the front, an eight-pointed star extends to cardinal and ordinal points by way of hand-stamped spokes fanning outward around the center. Each spoke ends in a hoop whose task it is to link the lodge pattern, radiant with the literal and metaphorical light, that lies between each tiny circle. At the center of the starburst, in a sawtoothed bezel, sits a single round cabochon of changeably crimson carnelian stone, not entirely opaque nor entirely translucent, but as mysterious as flame itself. Conchas are polished to a soft Florentine finish; tiny silver jump rings attach the earrings securely to sterling silver wires. Earrings are 7/8″ across (excluding jump rings and wires); cabochons are 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; carnelian
$350 + shipping, handling, and insurance

They are the scarlet flames, too, of the night fire, proof against even the newly-delayed dark and the cold winds of night that accompany it still. With our current rising temperatures and the flowering of a warming earth, it’s hard to remember that we are still in the throes of winter — harder still to keep in mind that, in this place, winter weather often visits as late as June. Spring here is a trickster, a chimera, neither that nor this; at once a hybrid and a thing unto itself. There will be early highs and latte snows, and the natural arc of the lengthening light will be our only constant.

In our world, it is enough.

~ Aji








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