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An Earth Renewed


In this muddy season, we had very little rain today — only sporadic and scattered drops, the main storm bypassing us to the north. In a way, it’s a welcome respite; as dry as the earth was in places only a week or so ago, it’s now mostly mud everywhere.

It’s also green everywhere.

The garden is thriving; so are the fields. Unlike our first cut of hay, which had seemed to turn over mostly to grass, the alfalfa is suddenly rich, standing tall and lush all around. The willows, despite losing a few branches in last week’s terrible storm, hand so heavy with leaves that their green tears weep directly onto the earth. The berms are no longer mere soil, but rich loamy mud, so fertile that the wild sunflowers have bloomed weeks early.

It’s a whole new world here, an earth renewed by sun and rain to bloom in glorious shades of brown and green.

I had already decided on today’s featured work, but as I went about my tasks outside today, it struck me how well-suited it and this day have been to each other. From its description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

A New World Earrings

Our world is ancient, an orbiting land mass not quite a sphere that spins through a cosmos older than time. And yet, our world is also what we make it, one new and renewed and renewable every day: one that our task is to make new again for future generations. Wings reimagines both the task and its result with this pair of not-quite-spherical earrings formed of boulder turquoise, host rock lined and veined like the body of Mother Earth herself in rusty browns and gray-white wisps. Each drop looks like its own world, ancient and self-contained, older than time — and yet, new life emerging from its womb, emerald streams tracing the surface  like bright green ribbons, a rare color for boulder turquoise. Each is set into a simple scalloped bezel, then trimmed with delicate twisted silver. Earrings hang 7/8″ long (excluding wires) by 13/16″ across at the widest point; the cabochons are 3/4″ long by 5/8″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; green ribbon turquoise
$475 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We think of this high desert land as rocky and dry, but in this season, its also soft, moist, and rich in soil, The boulders are mostly confined to higher points than this, although we tread upon an earth that has built itself atop an abundant supply of river rock. In ancient times, the Old World here was covered with water, depths sufficient to hide the tallest peaks. Now, their erosion and evaporation have left us this beautifully sculpted land, a work of Nature’s own art: peaks and valleys and a magnificent gorge; sharp outcroppings and brightly colored clay and rich loamy soil; the deep muddy earth of lakes long past and the rocky paths of ancient green and ghostly riverbeds.

It is a new world, and at the same time, one that is very, very old: one that has witnessed mudding seasons as long as the First People have bee here, and muddy season long before that. Time and space exist in multiple contexts here, a present grounded solidly in, and framed beautifully by, a past so ancient as to be timeless.

But for now, as is given to us every year, we walk upon an earth renewed, and that is its own beautiful gift.

~ Aji




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