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A World of Moonlight and Stardust

Moondust and Starlight Warrior Woman Pin

This day marks the end of the new year’s first week — new year, that is, by the dominant culture’s reckoning. We find ourselves adrift in a new world’s orbit, a young world that holds such promise, and such very great risk, too.

Today’s political realities range from the tragic to the obscene to the criminal; our earth bears the scars of those crimes inflicted by her human children. Soil, water, the very air we breathe, all at risk, all amidst other existential threats of war and genocide.

This will be a year, and a world, for warriors.

And warriors are made of the very stuff of the Earth herself, sand and strength, courage and grit. But they are made of more than that, too: Warriors are the hopes and dreams of the ancestors, dreams and visions and prophecies foretold, the stuff of spirit, of moondust and starlight.

Wings has always said that women are the strongest warriors; it’s a conviction he has held for most of his life, one that grew out of watching his mother’s strength and courage, her grace and power. Nearly twenty years ago, he created the very first Warrior Woman for her; after she walked on, he continued to make them, in her memory and in honor of all women. They have long been one of his most popular items, part of an extraordinary series, now numbering in the scores at least, perhaps the hundreds or more, in which no two are ever identical. And today, the Warrior Woman returns with his latest iteration, one perfect for those who must stand up and step forward in the early days of this new world, a world of great danger and personal risk, but also a world of moonlight and stardust. From its description in the Pins Gallery here on the site:

Moondust and Starlight Warrior Woman Pin

Our world is made of earth and water, fire and air, and of such ethereal materials as moondust and starlight. So, too, are our women, warriors all, emerging from the strength of the soil and the spirits of the skies. Wings pays tribute to the elemental force and ephemeral light of their beings with the latest in his Warrior Woman series, created in memory of his mother and in honor of all women. She is cut, freehand, of sterling silver, her traditional dress formed of thunderhead symbols that meet kiva steps to form a sacred space that points to all directions. Her left hand holds a crescent moon filled with starlight, hand-stamped with five-pointed stars surrounded by glowing rays of light; in her right, she carries a tiny by spectacularly chatoyant moonstone, an earthy symbol of women’s power and a bit of moondust collected into a gem. Over her right shoulder coils a serpent made of sterling silver patterned wire, his sinuous shape a signifier of prosperity. Pin stands 2.75″ high at the highest point by 2″ across at the widest point; cabochon is 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; moonstone
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We tend to associate women with earthiness, with fertility and fecundity and the fostering of new life. But like Mother Earth herself, women are more than that from which others grow.

Mother Earth is a warrior herself, one capable of self-defense but who needs our help, as well. And we must be warriors, too: on her behalf, on our behalf, on behalf of generations yet unborn. In the world of the new year, this is our place, and it is our place in the cosmos, too: It is a time to stand up, to be a warrior, in world of moonlight and stardust and so much more.

~ Aji











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