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“A World of Medicine” Concha Belt Buckle. $1,800.

At the center of the mountains, above the seas, in the embrace of the light sits our world, a world of medicine. Wings summons seas and sunlight and the shelter of the peaks into a hoop in miniature with this traditional concha belt buckle, big and bold and wrought of solid sterling silver. It’s a perfect orb with edges scalloped entirely freehand to evoke the rays of the celestial sphere at the center of our orbit, domed from the reverse in classic repoussé fashion to give it dimension and depth. The stampwork consists of two concentric circles of chased freehand scorework to delineate the doming, plus more scorework radiating out from the beneath the focal cabochon in a layered motif of arrows and points and peaks and the shelter of every sacred lodge. Each pair of the central scored lines is conjoined in an inverted sunrise pattern at their open ends, a pattern ringed by two separate concentric hoops of arrow motifs. The inner score ring is edged on the outside with more sunrise symbols, then linked to the outer ring by a chased and scaled pattern, like directional arrows decorating the dancing skin of a water serpent, coiled and always in motion. The scalloped edge consists of three additional radiant motifs linking it to the scored lower line of the dome work, all of the freehand stampwork clear, consistent, impossibly bold and so deep that its imprint shows faintly on the reverse. At the center rests a single center cabochon, set into a scalloped bezel and trimmed with delicate twisted silver. The stone is ultra-high-grade Damele turquoise, layered and mysteriously translucent and manifest in its classic turtle-shell pattern of green mineral and matrix, evoking the medicine of Grandmother Turtle, who allowed her shell to create a world for the People. Prong and loop are hand-made and soldered securely to the underside; the entire piece is buffed to a rich Florentine finish, aged and glowing. Buckle is 3-3/8″ across; Damele turquoise cabochon is 3/4″ across (dimensions approximate). View of reverse shown below.

Sterling silver; ultra-high-grade Damele turquoise
$1,800 plus shipping, handling, and insurance









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