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A Work of Dreams and Open Skies

Dreams of an Open Sky Ring Top View

I had begun this weekend intending to feature a pair of works from existing inventory: pieces that evoked flow of the waters and the feel of moonlight rain, among Wings’s more recent works, to be sure, but not precisely new.

But this morning, as he wrapped up work on a couple of commissions, he also completed a couple of other works that had shared space simultaneously on his bench. And so instead of the larger items, today, we bring you the first of a pair of new works, both simple, and both spectacular.

The first is built upon the spirit of an earlier work, one that invokes the power of visions and dreams and the wisdom of the spirits that we are occasionally given leave to share. From its description in the Rings Gallery here on the site:

Dreams of an Open Sky Ring Side View

Dreams of an Open Sky Solitaire Ring

The world of dreams is one of endless possibility, a place where an open sky blossoms like a flower, petals reaching in all directions. Wings scales this vision of an infinite cosmos down to a size that can be held in one’s hand. It begins with an equally infinite hoop, a solid sterling silver band scored at either edge and chased down the center with Eyes of Spirit, a repeating pattern of visions and dreams, of wisdom and the Spirit that sends them. Atop the center, a bezel scalloped like the petals of that newly-opened flower hold gently in their embrace an old free-form Skystone, a perfect shade of robin’s-egg blue infused with the smallest hint of green, wispy patches of matrix the color of sunlit thunderheads webbing its surface, earth and water and sky in a visionary hoop. Ring band is a half-inch wide; the setting is 7/8″ long by 3/4″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Sizeable. Another view shown at top.

Sterling silver; old Royston free-form turquoise
$625 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The freehand stampwork on the band is stunning: spare, bold, and beautifully even. It’s a fitting accompaniment to the stone that sits atop it, a very old free-form cabochon from Wings’s private collection of stones, one with the hue of a robin’s egg veined with a web of copper and bronze, its high-domed surface rippling like peaks and valleys in miniature. It connects the ancient and the contemporary in tangible form and fashion, resting in the embrace of twisted silver like an unending, undulating sky, one that opens into the infinite above life’s equally-infinite hoop.

It is a work of dreams and open skies, of the promise of endless possibility and the infinite reach of existence.

And it is a reminder that, even in the dark hours, those gifts remain ours to explore and to claim.

~ Aji



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