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A Summer’s Love

In Flight Earrings Resized

At dawn, the skies hung low and dark, the air heavy with the scent of rain. It’s an exceptionally clean, pure scent, and a welcome respite after so many days of smoke upon the winds.

It didn’t last.

Whatever small amount of rain hovered at the perimeter of our small world here, the sun soon drove it eastward past the mountains, as though there were not enough room for clouds and light in the same sky. Now, the humidity remains, a moist vile between a fast-drying earth and a white-hot sky.

But over by the pond, things are very different. There, the winds skims off the surface of the waters, wending its way through long fronds of weeping willow. The sunlight dapples the surface and limns each ripple and wave, turning it into a marriage of molten silver and blue glass. A blue darner dances past, an indigo body lifted at unlikely angles by silvery wings.

And that is the genius of Dragonfly’s powers of flight: wings that permit him to fly in any direction — forward, backward, to either side, up, down — or in no direction at all, ahover over whatever catches his fancy. It’s also the wisdom of his assigned role, too, that of messenger. And it’s the perfect aptness of his symbolism, that of love: oft-pursued, seldom caught, frequently fleeting, its appearance sometimes no more tangible than a glimpse, the lightest touch, the sudden brief beating of wings, but no less real for that.

Today’s featured work resembles the wings of the giant darner, turned sideways as though he has just made a sudden sharp turn, the sudden urgency of communicating his message or a complex step in his aerial dance. From its description in the Earrings Gallery here on the site:

In Flight Earrings

Bold wings of sterling silver unite in the center, then gather and stretch to their full length in flight. Each triangle, hand-cut of exceptionally fine-gauge sterling silver, is smoothly shaped to create elegant rounded edges and buffed to a mirror finish. The gentle flanges are conjoined by means of a sterling silver hinge at the center, allowing the wings to dance in unison as they dangle softly from the ear. Each simple spirit, whose shape evokes the stylized outline of a dancer in flight, is held fast to wires by means of slender silver jump rings. Each earring hangs 2.25 inches long (excluding wires) by .75 inch across at the widest point (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver
$250 + shipping, handling, and insurance

These are among the simplest earrings in Wings’s current inventory, and yet, they are one of my favorite pairs. Their spare lines are deceptive; they are bold, and bright, and they hold perceptible power. They dance — hinged, jointed, articulated, animated by the spirit of the summer wind and waters whose wings, aslant, they so resemble.

And like that spirit, they are animated by their own message. Perhaps it’s one of a summer’s love, carried on the silvery wings of the dragonfly.

~ Aji





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