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A Space Where Spirits Rise and Meet


I often refer to spring and fall as threshold seasons: spaces seemingly mostly held for the departure and arrival of more intense days and the winds that drive them. It’s a product of human perception of course, and impatience too; we become consumed with that which fixes itself most firmly in mind and memory, and that, for most, aligns with the extremes. But spring is an extraordinarily affective time in this place on its own, and fall . . . well, fall is its own spirit, whole and entire, especially for a child of the season such as I.

Here, autumn is a time of Indian summer and abundant harvest, of late golden days and early snows, a time of transition and transmogrification — and a threshold time when the space between the worlds is not merely permeable, but traversable, at least for those spirits so inclined to make the journey.

As we near the end of an unusually hot Indian summer that fades each day into near-wintry night, we approach that threshold, that place of convergence, a space where spirits rise and meet.

That line of demarcation, so easily transgressed by the unwary and the willful, and the spirits who dance along it find a celebration of their existence in Wings’s latest works, another pair of near-matching-but-not-quite-identical works. These are the sorts of pieces that are particularly well suited to a threshold of another sort: between spouses and partners, between parent and child, between the the best of friends. The first is slightly larger than the second; the other primary variation between  the two is that found naturally in anything wrought by hand, but there are the slightest of differences i form and shape, as well. From the description of the larger one in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:


Convergence Cuff Bracelet

Thresholds and borders and spaces between serve to bring spaces together, whether seasons, time, or planes of existence. Wings honors this process of convergence with his latest cuff, wrought of sterling silver triangle wire hand-rolled and -milled into its own convergence of lines and forms, shapes and spaces. At the center, the silver rises into a pyramid, its sharply angled apex resting high above the rest of the band. at either side, the silver forms a pair of gentle flanges lightly raised and beveled at the edges. The band is 7″ long by 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Another view shown at top and at the link.

Sterling silver
$455 + shipping, handling, and insurance

It is the most simple and spare of designs, its ornamentation arising solely from its geometry. It’s the perfect complement to the smaller work, one that shares a general form and shape, but more compact and with the subtlest of differences in the detail work. From its description in the same section of the same gallery:


Threshold Cuff Bracelet

We live now at a threshold, a moment between seasons and spaces. Wings captures its contradictions, the flow of its lines and permeability of its barriers, in this new cuff hand-rolled and -milled of heavy sterling silver triangle wire. The band itself is solid and substantial, with just the right amount of weight and heft. At its center, the silver is milled and molded into a bold peak, a pyramidal apex whose sides slope downward to flare gently on either side, forming single lines and compound spaces. The band is 6″ long by 3/8″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Another view shown at top and at the link.

Sterling silver
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We stand now at the threshold of my favorite season, those days and winds where I feel most at home. Warmth and cold, light and dark, all converge at the spaces between and overlapping: concealing some spirits in shadow, bringing others into the light, but allowing them all a chance to dance, to dream, to walk between worlds. It is a space for such days and winds, a space where spirits rise and meet.

~ Aji











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