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“A Space In the Sunlight” Earrings. $375.

Stormclouds come to together to embrace the Sacred Directions, to replicate the steps down to ceremony and steps up to emergence, each leading in its own way to the light, and reminding us that there is a space in the sunlight for us all. Wings alternates up with down around centering suns with these earrings, hand-made tab dangles set with fiery amber, each offset from the other in its size and direction. Each is formed of two lightly-tapered tabs of lightweight sterling silver, each cut freehand and filed smooth, and a single wide hand-made link, rolled and shaped into a perfect hoop. Each earring consists of one short tab and one longer tab; on the left, the shorter one sits at the top, hand-drilled to hold the earring wire, while the hoop links it the longer lower tab via a hand-cut loop in the wide base of each; on the right, the order is reversed, so that one indicates the descent to ceremony and the other an upward emergence into the light. Each center hoop is bezel-set on the front with a single tiny round amber cabochon, each drop becoming its own heliocentric world radiating out from a glowing sun. Each dangling drop hangs a total length of 1-3/4″, excluding wires, by 5/8″ across at the widest point; cabochons are 3/16″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; amber
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance








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