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“A Radiant Storm” Barrette. $850. SOLD.

A Radiant Storm Barrette 1

In this place, the storm carries its own light. Wings infuses its powerful radiance into stones and silver in this old-style barrette, a domed and highly stylized concha-like accessory held in place with an elegantly jeweled pick. At the barrette’s center lies a free-form Skystone, Bisbee turquoise in the colors of the thunderstorm: deep indigo clouded with wisps of red and violet. Set into a scalloped bezel and trimmed with twisted silver, the cabochon sits in the embrace of hand-stamped sun symbols radiating outward, extending into scalloped arches at top and bottom, and into four wing-like hand-scored, hand-stamped rays of silvery “rain” at either side. In the middle of each set of rays, near the edge, two hand-cut openings hold the pick, a long, slender column of solid silver set at one end with twinned cabochons fused back to back, each stone brilliantly striated malachite in deep evergreen hues. The barrette is 3″ wide by 1-5/16″ high at its highest point; the center cabochon is 7/8″ across by 3/4″ high at the highest point; the pick is 4 inches long, including the stones; each malachite cabochon is 3/8″ long by 5/16″ high (dimensions approximate). Another view below, showing the twinned cabs of the pick.

Sterling silver; Bisbee turquoise; malachite
$850 + shipping, handling, and insurance


Barrette showing pick with twinned malachite cabochons:

A Radiant Storm Barrette 2











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