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“A Mediating Light” Earrings. $425. SOLD.

A Mediating Light Earrings

Like sun and stars, the moon is a mediating light, one that intercedes on our behalf between earth and sky, between the seasons, between the shadows and the dark. Wings pays tribute to the centrality of her power with his latest earrings, a pair hand-wrought in a traditional blossom design. The sterling silver settings are hand-cut, vintage-style, in a rough orb shape, their edges only lightly shaped to evoke an older style, then hand-stamped in flowering rays to enhance their shimmering light. At the center of each drop, a brilliantly faceted Indian rainbow moonstone rests in a plain low-profile bezel, each cabochon refracting gold and pink and purple and blue amid silvery-white light. Each center stone is ringed by a collection of eight small round cabochons per earring: a random mix of mostly turquoise stones in varying shades of blue and green with a wide diversity of matrix patterns, representing the colors of earth and sky and season; one earring also bears a single bright green jade cabochon as a counterpoint to the lime green turquoise opposite it. Each earring hangs suspended from delicate sterling silver wires. Earrings are 1″ across by 1-1/8″ long (excluding wires); small cabochons are 18″ across; moonstone cabochons 3/8″ across.

Sterling silver; Indian rainbow moonstone; blue turquoise; green turquoise; jade
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance










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