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“A Lodge For Every Sun” Cuff Bracelet. $1,125.

The cosmos gives us ceremony, and medicine, in a lodge for every sun. Wings honors that sheltering circle of healing and the gifts of warmth and light with this traditional cuff, big, bold, and wide of band, every centimeter of its surface adorned with deep symmetrical stampwork. The cuff is cut out of solid sheet silver, filed smooth and rounded at the ends for comfort. Its top side is scored freehand with seven lines, a sacred number that divides the surface into eight equidimensional rows. Within those eight scored rows are nestled nine separate lines of freehand stampwork, eight of them representing motifs in the form and shape of a traditional tipi, a rising or risen sun, or both, each stamped motif conjoined to the next and chased from one end of the band to the other. The ninth stamped symbol, which traces the full length of the very center of the band, is of a butterfly: a messenger of the spirits, arrived in time for the summer ceremonial season. The band is 6″ long by 1.25″ wide (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver
$1,125 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Side view:










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