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A Green World Emergent

For the first time all season, we were given the gift of a downpour yesterday evening — hard heavy rains that lasted perhaps just a bit longer than the usual monsoonal cloudburst. A stray light shower or two followed, interspersed with an exhibition by the clouds and multi-colored show of water and light.

Perhaps Thursday’s brief lighter rains were a blessing in disguise: In such a drought as this, torrential rains would normally run off almost entirely; unable to penetrate the hardened ground, they would simply pour into the low area of the highway at our northern fenceline. Instead, the driving rains soaked deep, allowing the roots of the trees to drink and reviving the grass and the hay and the leaves long-wilted in the heat.

Beneath the post-storm rainbow, we saw anew our earth, flowering in the light. This morning, despite the early heat, we walk upon a green world emergent, reawakened and refreshed, alive again after so many months without water.

It’s a perfect environment for today’s featured work, one of Wings’s more recent cuffs that embodies the greening and regreening of our world. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Earth, Flowering In the Light Cuff Bracelet

A healthy Earth, flowering in the light, creates a world in harmony for us all. Wings honors both spirit and goal with this cuff bracelet, sterling silver in full flower. The band is scored freehand into seven separate spaces, a sacred number that in some traditions is the number of the directions, the clans, and the spirits. The inner spaces are boldly oxidized, then lightly polished and left smooth, with wing-like ajouré excisions flowing gracefully down either side. The two outer spaces remain whole, and are hand-texturized by hundreds of strikes of a tiny jeweler’s hammer, dotted earth embracing air and water. At the center of the band, an extraordinarily low-profile tube is soldered into place to elevate the setting slightly above the band’s surface. The setting itself is formed from a traditional concha wrought in Wings’s signature style, a blossom pattern cut freehand with scalloped edgegs that turn hand-scored rays of light into the petals of a flower. At the end of each “ray,” fitted into each scalloped edge, rests a hand-stamped sunrise symbol, each edge connecting it to the next by a single hand-stamped hoop. The concha is domed slightly, repoussé-fashion, then set at the center with a simple, elegant low-profile bezel holding a beautifully banded malachite cabochon in shades of earthy, fertile emerald green. The band is 5″ long and 1″ across; ajouré designs at either end are 1.5″ long and begin 3/4″ across at the widest point, narrowing to 1/8″ at the end; concha setting is 1.75″ across; cabochon is 3/8″ across (dimensions approximate). Side view shown below. [Note: This cuff is designed for a narrow wrist.]

Sterling silver; malachite
$1,025 + shipping, handling, and insurance

This cuff was an instant favorite of mine, perhaps in part because it is sized for someone like me, with smaller wrists. But the workmanship appeals to me, too — this solid, weighty, substantial band that is nonetheless not heavy on the wrist, its hand-scoring and hand-texturing and bold ajouré cutwork that lets in the light.

Most of all, though, I think it’s the beauty of its message, of what it represents: In a world beset by drought (and elsewhere, other catastrophe), it speaks of renewal, of the promise that a green and healthy world will be ours again. It speaks of hope.

In times such as these, the lush greens of summer are inextricably intertwined with hope — hope that they will be ours gain before the snows come, hope that our world will survive the much greater drought of the spirit that besets our existence, hope that we have yet the chance to deliver a healthy world to the generations yet to come.

In cultures grounded in stories of emergence, from the underworld, from beneath the waters, from the darkness, it is no stretch to reconceive our own existence and that of our Mother Earth. We must work for it, but there is still a chance, a small slim chance to create a green world emergent into a future of health and harmony.

~ Aji








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