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“A Flowering Vision” Collector’s Spoon. $375. SOLD.

A Flowering Vision Collectors Spoon Front

Diamond patterns represent Spirit’s own Eye, and here, they send an arrow flying straight and true, directing one’s path from vision to fruition. With this collector’s spoon, Wings honors the fact and the process of dreams and visions and of bringing them into being. The spoon’s handle is hand-cut into the shape of an arrow’s shaft, then edged by dozens upon dozens of tiny individual strikes of a jeweler’s hammer to create a fluted and shimmery effect. Eyes of Spirit trace the center length of the sculpted shaft in a repeating pattern, pointing to an end manifest not in an arrowhead, but in an elegant oval bowl. At the center of the bowl rests a single flower, fully blossomed, created by stamped pairs of stylized hearts and edged with tiny sacred hoops placed at the cardinal and ordinal points. The reverse is unaccented but for a repeating crescent-and-hoop pattern edging the outer shaft. The spoon bears a soft Florentine finish, and is 4-3/8 inches long by 3/4 of an inch across at the bowl’s widest point. Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance

A Flowering Vision Collectors Spoon Reverse








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