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A Fall of Water and Light

Waterfall Large Rolled Ingot Cuff

We are newly blessed with warm days of ever-lengthening light — and what we hope will be, before long, the gift of the summer rains. Now, Wings has created a new collection in miniature, one designed to evoke these spirits of the summer winds and the gifts they bring: A Fall of Water and Light.

These new works are part of an informal set, true, but each possesses its own unique identity and spirit. Each is wrought from sterling silver ingot, hand-rolled and -milled to create spare, simple, beautiful lines that shimmer and glimmer like water and light. Each is distinctively sized, as well, the better to fit a range of wrists, and they are created without gender binaries in mind.

We begin with the largest, one whose length exceeds the usual standard by well over an inch. It evokes the force and power of the waterfall, a cascade of silver lines the flow in tandem in the light. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery:

Waterfall Cuff Bracelet

Some say the world itself was created in a fall of water and light. With this spare and elegant cuff, Wings summons the spirits of the light and the summer rains in their own silvered waterfall. The band is wrought from sterling silver ingot, heavy and substantial, hand-rolled and -milled to create their own unified cascade of shimmering rain. One long drop flows down the band’s center, raised to stand above its peers; the others, more shy and subtle, flow gently down either side. The ingot band is buffed to a soft but discernible texture and a delicate finish just a hint off Florentine. The band is 7.25″ long by 7/8″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver
$465 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The second in the series is similarly substantial, but shorter by three-quarters of an inch. It, too, summons water spirits — in this instance, the waves of new-fallen rain that sway and dance beneath the rays of an emerging sun. From its description in the same gallery:

Waves Medium Ingot Cuff

Waves Cuff Bracelet

Beneath a fall of water and light, warm waves rock gently against the earth. Wings summons their soft dancing spirits with this cuff, hand-rolled and -milled of sterling silver ingot that shines like ripples on the surface of a quiet lake. The band is solid and substantial, milled to produce a crested wave down the center of its length, cradled gently by finer waves on either side. Its finish is buffed to a smooth texture and a soft polish just shy of Florentine. The band is 6.5″ long by 6/16″ wide (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver
$445 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The remaining cuffs are similar in design, but lighter in weight and substance. They are solid, too, but slim, with a feeling of delicacy about them. The first evokes the power and focus of the summer spirits, the filament at the center of the flower, the feather, the light itself. From its description:

Filament Narrow Ingot Cuff

Filament Cuff Bracelet

New life emerges in a fall of water and light. With this cuff, Wings honors each filament that arises — a flower’s stamen, a feather’s barb, silvered threads, an element made of pure light — all banding together in raised strands of sterling silver ingot buffed to a finish just off Florentine. The long slender band is hand-rolled and -milled, a vanishingly slim raised filament extending along its center, flanked on either side by more subtly-raised lines. This thin, almost bangle-like cuff is delicate but full of substance, lightweight and easily adjusted. Band is 6.75″ long by 1/4″ across (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver
$275 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The last, the smallest of the series, is light as a feather and adance with joy, a bit of celebratory silvery fringe for the powwow season. From its description:

Fringe Small Ingot Cuff

Fringe Cuff Bracelet

The warm days descend in a fall of water and light, the sun’s rays spread outward like the silvery fringe of the sky’s own shawl. Wings has crafted this cuff in the lines of the light, a single band striated into three-dimensional conjoined strands of silver fringe, all buffed a shade off Florentine. The simple band is formed of sterling silver ingot, hand-rolled and -milled to create one high raised center strand flanked by two less prominent ones, each arrayed to either side. The cuff is slender but solid, and still of sufficiently light weight to make adjustment easy. Band is 6 inches long by 1/4″ wide (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver
$255  shipping, handling, and insurance

Each of these stands independently, but they work in concert, too: a stack of cuffs that alternate like the near-bangles that they are. Each is its own free and unique spirit, each a part, and a product, of the signal elements of summer: a fall of water and light.

~ Aji





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