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A Dream for the Seventh Generation

Love Dreams Coil Bracelet

We have spent much of this week looking at the role of the original dream weaver, one whose existence predates either pop stars or photo editing, and by millennia, too: Spider Woman, or Grandmother Spider, as she known to some of our peoples, the one who taught us to use her web to catch our good dreams even as we let slip into the ether those that would trouble our spirits. In our way, ti’s no coincidence that this spirit being is female, nor that she first passed the gift of her knowledge to a young mother to save her child. What are our dreams, after all, but the hope of, and for, future generations?

Even dreams centered around oneself.

Why? Because when we are happy, fulfilled, at peace as individuals, we are more likely to be productive in a way that preserves and and enhances the community’s existence. Because love extends beyond the romantic to the filial, and the communal. Love is the spark the keeps the flame of existence alive. For cultures that must stand and face down genocide, romantic love and the dreams thereof assume an outsize role and value.

This is not say that love is a duty for the sake of others; rather, it simply underscores how, in certain times and places and cultural contexts, love fulfills the obligations of survival in ways that, sometimes, nothing else can. Romantic love need not lead to childbearing and -rearing for it to fulfill this function; it only need magnify the efforts of its subjects in ways that transcend their pairing.

Love ensures existence.

And so, even as we think of love dreams as perhaps among the most selfishly personal sort, they become integral to our survival: individually; to the ways in which their fulfillment frees us to reach out to others in our communities; collectively in the very obvious and tangible sense of filial descent.

Love fulfills dreams for ourselves — and dreams for the Seventh Generation.

It’s why today’s featured work, one that is cast largely in the context of romantic love, nonetheless fulfills its role in the indigenous canon of virtues, broadly defined. There’s a reason we call the virtues “gifts”: Properly observed, they ensure a good life not only for us but for our families, our clans, our communities, our generations of children not yet born. And today’s work embodies just such a gift — one that, perhaps not so oddly after all, assumes a spiraling form a bit like Grandmother Spider’s web. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Love Dreams Coil Bracelet

We all dream of the gift of love, of loving and being loved in return. Wings captures the wistful, ephemeral nature of such desires, daydream and slumber and vision alike, in this first coil bracelet in The Love Collection. It begins at either end with hematite rondels, wispy bits of mist and smoke, parting to show the clear sky of daydreams manifest in chunky blue turquoise nuggets. The hematite veil separates day from night, then flows into twilight captured in chips of brilliant amethyst. The clouds descend again before dawn breaks: first, as plump rounded nuggets of deep-red garnet, like the clouds that herald Father Sun’s arrival ahead of the soft pink glow at the horizon, thence flowing into large doughnut rondels of strawberry quartz, their color created by the crimson inclusions of earthy iron oxide. The soft rose segment of strawberry quartz is flanked at either end by a single free-form bead of luminous labradorite, like Eyes of Spirit sent to inspire the dreamer to pursue a life of love. Beads are strung on memory wire, which expands and contracts to fit virtually any wrist. Jointly designed by Wings and Aji.

Memory wire; garnet; strawberry quartz; amethyst; blue turquoise; labradorite; hematite
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

It’s a work that calls upon other gifts, too, those of the elemental powers and the spirits of earth and sky. It summons the gifts of protection, illumination, the light of visionary worlds and otherworldly states of being.

Our ways teach us that we are forever linked in the braided hoop that connects us to the ancestors, and to the generations to come: no beginning and no end to duty, to dreams, to love, to life itself. In such a world, our very lives are the dreams of the ancients made manifest . . . and our love is a dream for the Seventh Generation.

~ Aji








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