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“A Directed Light” Earrings. $425. SOLD.

A Directed Light Earrings

In our traditional way, we walk in the path of a directed light. Wings pays tribute to the road, and to the light that shines upon it, with his newest earrings, a pair crafted simply from old stones and silver. It begins with a pair of very old high-grade red-webbed turquoise stones from his private collection, most likely from Nevada but possibly from an old Arizona deposit, in the color of the autumn skies. Each is a perfect blend of teal blue backlit with emerald green, with a near-translucent overlay of brighter sky blue aswirl atop it. A spectacularly fine matrix in a deep rusty-red color is tightly webbed throughout. The cabochons are cut the old way, domed and lightly beveled on the corners, then set into saw-toothed bezels and edged with twisted silver. A pair of jump rings are soldered to the base of each stone’s setting, each then linked via an additional jump ring to a pair of sterling silver squash blossom flutes, ready to channel the sky’s own silvery light onto the wearer’s path below. Earrings hang 1.5″ in overall length (excluding wires); cabochons are .5″ square; squash blossoms are .5″ long (dimensions approximate).

Sterling silver; old red-webbed turquoise
$425 + shipping, handling, and insurance







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