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“A Desert Wind” Earrings. $725. SOLD.

A desert wind paints the landscape in water, dust, and light. Wings honors its powerful animating spirit, and that of its canvas, too, with these earrings wrought in sterling silver and landscape jasper. The earrings are built around a matched pair of teardrop-shaped cabochons of landscape jasper, each its own painting in miniature: sandy earth topped by blood-red mountains and a pale white band of clouds beneath towering gray thunderheads, wispier clouds driven on the winds and veiling the glow of the sun. Each is set into a hand-filed bezel and trimmed with twisted silver. The back of each bezel is hand-milled in an earthy pattern of gracefully flowing lines and whorls in textured relief, evoking both the beauty of the desert earth and the spiraling power of the winds that pick it up. Earrings hang 2″ long by 3/4″ across; cabochons are 13/16″ long by 9/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Reverse shown below.

Sterling silver; landscape jasper
$725 + shipping, handling, and insurance









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