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“A Cosmic Resilience” Cuff Bracelet. $1,600.

We are ancient peoples upon a timeless earth, at once fragile and radiant, fractured by outside forces but possessed of a cosmic resilience. Wings pays tribute to the powers of our cosmos and our peoples with this cuff, wrought of sixteen-gauge sterling silver and ultra-high-grade Covellite with a matrix-line fracture that only adds to its sense of ancient strength and medicine. The cuff is formed of a wide traditional band, scored freehand a few millimeters from either edge to create a pair of borders, then traced in a repeating pattern of stylized arrowheads, alternating at angles to form the waves of deep space. Between each border, a single triangular stamp representing a radiant sun emergent from behind  line of clouds is repeated in six rows: a single row against each border, then two paired rows in the middle that between them create a shimmering negative space of diamond-shaped Eyes of Spirit. At one end, a Water Bird takes flight into the night; at the other, the Eyes come together in a single stylized heart. The focal stone is elevated a few millimeters above the top center of the band via a hand-made sterling silver tube, the stone backed with solid silver, set into a scalloped bezel, and trimmed with twisted silver. The extraordinary polygonal specimen of Covellite, a rare and spectacular copper sulfide mineral usually manifest in the deepest blues, marbled and traced with silvery-gold webbed matrix, which often includes traces of gold mixed with quartz. Together they create a fabulously fragile material known for fracturing along its matrix lines and for the difficulty of submitting it to lapidary work, but of dazzling color, quality, and value. This specimen is the perfect midnight blue of deep space, adrift with the gold dust of whole galaxies; Wings has stabilized the fracture with jeweler’s glue and a single explosive burst of sterling silver stardust in the upper left corner. Band is 6″ long by 1-3/4″ across; bezel is 2″ long by 1″ across at the widest point; cabochon is 1-3/4″ long by 13/16″ across at the widest point (dimensions approximate). Other views shown below.

Sterling silver; ultra-high-grade covellite with a matrix fracture; sterling silver dust
$1,600 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Side 1:




Side 2:


Reverse view of the top:








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