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A Conjuring Sun

According to Mother Earth in our small part of the world, today is the first day of fall.

Oh, I know what the calendar says, and the mercury, too. It is still July, and the temperature is still passing eighty. But the trees have begun to go gold, the leaves are falling to carpet a scorched earth, and the wind carries an edge that belong unmistakably to autumn, not summer.

It’s an odd end to an equally odd week, following on a day that saw highs near ninety, a full lunar eclipse utterly invisible to us here, a full evening’s worth of the kind of rain we haven’t had all year, and a blood moon veiled entirely by clouds until long after it had passed the color barrier in the sky. Today, there is standing water in the ditches, a certain mugginess to the brilliance of the day, and that autumnal edge on the wind.

The change of seasons, in any ordinary circumstance, occurs by the grace of our place in our solar system, via the auspices of rotation and orbit. the more immediate catalyst, of course, is the light: The angle of earth to sun and vice versa dictates such shifts, and in the past, we have mostly been fairly confident of their occurrence on or around their usual, more formal, more official dates.

These are not ordinary days.

It is our own fault, of course — humanity, collectively, but most especially those populations that have long been intensely industrialized. And now, we must make peace with our handiwork even as we work to evolve and adapt, remediate and rehabilitate. For the earth is overheated, the glaciers melt; the winds rise to new powers, and here, the rains decline to fall.

And so we have autumn in July.

We live in a world of braided suns, many in one,  each season showing us a different aspect of its face, and we have become accustomed to, comfortable with, the idea that the view will always remain the same. But the elemental spirits of creation are far more powerful than we can conceive, and we can no longer hope that they will take no notice of our errors. We live now at the mercy of a conjuring sun, one able to command the seasons to shift on far different timetables, and it is we who must adapt.

Today’s featured work reminds us such powers, and such responsibilities as are ours now. From its description in the relevant section of the Bracelets Gallery here on the site:

Braided Suns Cuff Bracelet

We live in a world of braided suns, a sacred hoop of the seasons strung around orbs of golden light. Wings honors the sun in all its angles and phases with this cuff, heavy nine-gauge sterling silver annealed to a velvety finish, hand-stamped in arcing conjoined sunrise patterns set opposite each other to form braids of light. Round tiger’s eye cabochons, brilliantly chatoyant and infused with rich color gradients from deep bronzed brown to bright yellow gold, are set into saw-toothed bezels equidistant along the band’s length, a sun for each season in varying shades of dark and light. The edges of the band are hand-filed silky-smooth, and the inner band is adorned with arced sunrises chased along either edge, then linked across the band’s expanse by diagonal shafts of light erupting at the center in flowering radiance, the flowing lines all hand-struck to be meticulously equidistant and at identical angles. The band is 6.5″ long by 3/8″ across; the cabochons are 9/16″ across (dimensions approximate). Other views of sides and inner band shown at the link.

Sterling silver; tiger’s eye
$1,475 + shipping, handling, and insurance

The forecast holds out little hope of rain for today — although such was the case yesterday, too, until the storm hit. We have learned the folly of putting our faith in meteorological models, preferring instead to read the skies and listen to the winds. The sun shines bright today, gold shimmering behind the blue, but thunderheads have begun to move together at the horizon. If we are lucky, we may have another shower this evening.

But rain or no, we now have to grapple with the reality that our sun’s power has only increased. It is not magic in the usual sense of the word; no mystery, either. It is through our own carelessness that we have ceded yet more ground to more elemental forces.

But these are the forces that rule our world. We had best find a way to come to terms with them, and soon.

~ Aji











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