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Ingress Egress Cropped


“The act of entering”/”the act of leaving a place.”

Today, our homes have doors, but that is something new, within the last century. Traditionally, the way to enter or leave our homes was through the roof. The last person to enter at night would pull the ladder down into the home, keeping the family safe inside. Along with our pioneering construction of perimeter walls, roof entry was an architectural innovation that enabled a peaceful agricultural people to remain for a thousand years in one of the most fertile, resource-rich, naturally prosperous environments in the desert Southwest. Now, the ladders remain as a reminder of our ancestors’ creativity, resourcefulness, and dedication to protecting each other and preserving our way of life.

Signed on white matting; black wooden frame.
Size including frame: 18.5″ by 24.25″.
$775 + $125 shipping, handling, and insurance.

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