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DSCN1303 Cropped

Sterling silver and lapis lazuli Spirit Horse pin:
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

As our pine ladders provide us ingress and egress into the safety of our homes and sacred spaces, so, too, do our dreams provide us ingress and egress into the spirit world. Dreams have always guided my art and given it form and shape.

When not creating art, I rescue, raise, and train horses. One night many years ago, a silver horse came to me in a dream, running, mane and tail flowing behind him. He took tangible form as my signature series, the Spirit Horse made manifest in sterling silver: each unique, each with its own power, yet each faithful to the image of the powerful animal spirit who visited me in the night so long ago.


DSCN1317 Cropped

Sterling silver and coral Spirit Horse pin, Florentine finish:
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

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