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Bricks Cropped and Rotated


Brick and mortar. In the era of the Internet, it’s become shorthand for saying that something exists in the real world.

In my world, this is as real as it gets.

This was taken as part of my Walls and Windows series; it’s a close-up of the exterior wall of a home, built with adobe bricks made by hand in the traditional way and mortared using the same earth. It’s an apt metaphor for our people and our ways: our very existence, built of the earth beneath our feet, shaped carefully by hand and fitted meticulously together. As time passes, chinks and cracks appear in the interstices as the earth returns to dust and falls away — only to be gathered again, mixed with straw and the sacred water that gives us life, reconstituted, reconstructed, recreated. Strong, solid, and resilient, as our people remain.

Signed on white matting; black wooden frame.
Size including frame: 18.5″ by 24.25″.
$775 + $125 shipping, handling, and insurance.

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