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Turquoise Lapis Spider Woman Cuff Bracelet A

Sterling silver, lapis lazuli, and Sleeping Beauty turquoise cuff:
$1,200 + shipping, handling, and insurance

We face thresholds every day between sacred spaces and modern places: Some cross them; some of us do not. But there is another threshold in the other direction, between our contemporary existence and ways much older than memory, and it is in our dreams and in the old stories that we are given the choice to cross them, to learn from the spirits, to embrace the old ways that are the foundation of our people. In indigenous cultures cross the continent, Spider Woman and Serpent play roles as gatekeepers at such thresholds. Today, we still use the gift of Grandmother Spider’s web to protect our dreams, while Serpent reminds us that all power must be handled carefully.



Sterling silver and antique natural spiderweb turquoise ring:
$375 + shipping, handling, and insurance

Sun Serpent Earrings

Sterling silver repoussé earrings:
$275 + shipping, handling, and insurance

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