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Cornerstone Cropped


Summer is mudding time: It’s the time that individual families, when they can afford it, repair and resurface their homes. Sometimes it’s a whole refacing; other times, as here, it’s a structural repair.

A cornerstone in the most essential, existential sense, this fresh adobe flange supports the wall of a family home while supporting a cultural tradition going back more than a thousand years. The fresh adobe is still a deep and brilliant red, and on the left, bears a newly-applied patch of mud, still wet from the mason’s trowel.

The shadow cast by the light of the late-afternoon summer sun doubles the presence of the Plant Spirit, standing sentry on either side of the fresh earthen cornerstone.

Signed on white matting; black wooden frame.
Size including frame: 18.5″ by 24.25″.
$775 + $125 shipping, handling, and insurance.

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