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DSCN1291 Cropped

Sterling silver ajouré Pueblo cuff:
$575 + shipping, handling, and insurance

For more than a decade, I’ve paid tribute to the mud and vigas that make up our homes with a series of Pueblo pins modeled on Hlauuma (North House), where I was born: the adobe walls and open windows, the hand-made pine vigas and traditional ladders, all manifested in sterling silver. Here, I’ve extended that design into a larger, more complex piece that embodies the interconnectedness of our homes and lives, coupled with a sterling silver rendering of the traditional pine ladder that allows us every day to emerge, renewed, into the light.

DSCN1290 Cropped

Sterling silver pine-ladder necklace:
$575 + shipping, handling, and insurance

DSCN1294 Cropped

DSCN1293 Cropped

Sterling silver ajouré Pueblo cuff (underside; inner band):
$575 + shipping, handling, and insurance

DSCN1296 Cropped

Sterling silver and smoky blue turquoise ajouré Pueblo pin:
$325 + shipping, handling, and insurance

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