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Emergence Cropped


It is who we are; how we came to be.

It is our history and identity, captured in one image.

Up from the darkened depths, rung by rung, on a ladder built of the same materials with which the spirits have blessed us.

Rung by rung, out of the darkness, seeing first the warming of the red earth in the golden light as we rise.

Rung by rung, up into this world, reaching for the turquoise sky.

We repeat this ritual daily in our homes, in our ceremony, in our lives.

It reminds us that we are Red Willow, the People of Taos Pueblo, and we live in the light of a thousand years of tradition.

Signed on white matting; black wooden frame.
Size including frame: 18.5″ by 24.25″.
$775 + $125 shipping, handling, and insurance.

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