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Stories Cropped


Our lives are lived in stories — and in stories.

Perhaps the first thing visitors to Taos Pueblo notice about our historic multi-level architecture is that it is multi-level — our ancestors, a thousand years ago, divided homes into stories in larger communal buildings.

In a way, each story is symbolic of the other kind of story: the little piece of our collective history written by each family, each inhabitant, of each of these stories made of earth and straw. If you look closely, you can see each individual piece of straw embedded in the adobe wall, each essential to the wall’s strength and cohesiveness and ability to stand, whole.

So, too, is each of our people: Individuals, with their own lives and histories and roles to play in our culture and in the historical narrative of our people. Each unique, each with his or her own story — and each essential to our strength and cohesiveness and ability to stand, whole.

Signed on white matting; brown wooden frame.
Size including frame: 17.75″ by 20.25″.
$625 + $100 shipping, handling, and insurance.

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